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Professional Groups

ASRM Professional Groups allow members to network and collaborate with other professionals who have an interest in the field of reproductive medicine.


The purpose of the Advanced Practice Provider Professional Group is to establish an organized presence of Advanced Practice Providers and related professionals within ASRM, generate a presentation track on APP topics at ASRM Scientific Congress & Expos, and encourage membership of APPs within ASRM.

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The Association of Reproductive Managers (ARM) mission is to create a forum through which fertility program business managers and physicians can form nationwide interrelationships to keep abreast of critical fertility practice management issues; to provide educational programs designed to help advanced assisted reproductive technology (ART) programs improve the operations of their practices from both internal and external standpoints including planning, marketing, and financial functions; to solve management problems including the identification and correction of deficiencies; and to provide guidelines for enhancement of the organization’s capabilities.

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The purpose of the GCPG is to establish an organized presence of genetic counselors and related professionals, provide genetic counseling resources, serve as a liaison to the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC), and generate a presentation track on genetic counseling topics at the ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo. 

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The purpose of the Legal Professional Group is to raise awareness of, and clarify the legal issues surrounding, assisted reproductive technologies. The LPG is committed to promoting ethical legal policies, practices, and protections for ART families, third party collaborators, and providers. It also seeks to promote access to, and affordability of, health care for those affected by infertility, reproductive or genetic disorders, and other challenges to their family building goals. The LPG strives to enhance and contribute to the development of sound law in this evolving field through advocacy, education and legislative initiatives.

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The Mental Health Professional Group is a group of professionals within the American Society for Reproductive Medicine dedicated to enhancing knowledge and understanding of psychological and emotional aspects of reproductive health. These professionals are involved in education of the public and professional community, as well as research to help answer questions that new reproductive technology brings.

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The Nurses' Professional Group (NPG) is composed of nurse members of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). The purpose of the NPG is to foster the Society's goals within the practice of professional nursing. The NPG is committed to improving patient care and providing a forum for networking and exchanging information among nurses. 

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Reach your potential as a reproductive health professional and join the community advancing reproductive medicine with your ASRM membership.

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ASRM Membership Dues

All memberships come with online access to Fertility and Sterility, F&S Science, F&S Reviews, F&S Reports, and the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics.

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Individuals joining or renewing membership in ASRM that reside in low or low-middle income countries (as defined by the World Bank) now receive a discount on ASRM membership!

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It is with great pleasure that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) acknowledges and thanks the following people for their new membership in the Society.

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ASRM Affiliated Societies

ASRM Affiiliated Societies are made up of professionals who have special training and expertise in specific areas of reproductive medicine.

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ASRM Professional Groups

ASRM Professional Groups allow members to network and collaborate with other professionals who have an interest in the field of reproductive medicine.

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ASRM Special Interest Groups

ASRM Special Interest Groups provide programming and leadership to physicians and health professionals who have a special interest in a particular area of reproductive medicine.

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Membership Directory

ASRM Members can find contact information for other members by visiting ASRM Connect, the new community hub for ASRM membership.

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