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Practice Guidance

Practice Guidance documents and resources have been created by the members of the ASRM Practice Committee, the ASRM Ethics Committee, the ASRM Patient Education Committee, the ASRM COVID-19 Task Force, the ASRM Technology Committee, and the ASRM Coding Committee.

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Practice Documents

ASRM Practice Documents have been developed to assist physicians with clinical decisions regarding the care of their patients.

Definition of infertility: a committee opinion (2023)

‘‘Infertility’’ is a disease, condition, or status characterized by several factors.

Clinical management of mosaic results from preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy of blastocysts: a committee opinion (2023)

This document incorporates studies about mosaic embryo transfer and provides evidence-based considerations for embryos with mosaic results on PGT-A.

Diagnostic evaluation of sexual dysfunction in the male partner in the setting of infertility: a committee opinion (2023)

It is the responsibility of the clinician to assess for erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, or diminished libido in men presenting for infertility.
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EMR Shared Phrases/Template Library

These templates are standard phrases that are shared by ASRM physician members. These are shared here only to provide a template for individuals to create their own phrases. The templates and the language therein are not meant to be standard phrases nor does the ASRM endorse them as such. View the Share Phrases/Template Library

Ethics Opinions

Ethics Committee Reports are drafted by the members of the ASRM Ethics Committee on the tough ethical dilemmas of reproductive medicine.

Misconduct in third-party assisted reproductive technology by participants and nonmedical professionals or entities: an Ethics Committee opinion (2023)

In some instances, it is ethically permissible for the physician to either disclose material information to the affected party or to decline to provide or continue to provide care.

Defining embryo donation: an Ethics Committee opinion (2023)

The ethical appropriateness of patients donating embryos to other patients for  family building, or for research, is well established.

Informed consent in assisted reproduction: an Ethics Committee opinion (2023)

Informed consent is a process in which the patient is supported in developing an understanding of medical options.

Interests, obligations, and rights in gamete and embryo donation: an Ethics Committee opinion (2019)

This Ethics Committee report outlines the interests, obligations, and rights of all parties involved in gamete and embryo donation: both males and females who choose to provide gametes or embryos for use by others, recipients of donated gametes and embryos, individuals born as a result of gamete or embryo donation, and the programs that provide donated gametes and embryos to patients.
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ASRM'S PATIENT INFORMATION WEBSITE: REPRODUCTIVEFACTS provides a wide range of information related to reproductive health and infertility, including information on various methods of contraception and their effectiveness; resources for individuals and couples struggling with infertility; information on reproductive health issues, such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and menopause; research updates; and news articles related to reproductive medicine and science.

The website also provides a directory of ASRM healthcare providers, who offer a variety of reproductive health services, including infertility diagnosis and treatment, in vitro fertilization (IVF), and fertility preservation.

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COVID-19 Resources

A compendium of ASRM updates concerning the Novel Corona virus (SARS-COV-2) and COVID-19.

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Coding Corner

Coding Corner is segmented into the following sections. Click an image below to view questions and answers in that section.


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