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Embryo Data Grading and Evaluation Tool


Get the EDGE on your fellow Embryologists!

Building a gold standard for embryo grading, the ASRM EDGE tool revolutionizes the way trainees, junior embryologists, senior embryologists, and clinical staff improve their egg and embryo grading skills. By providing access to high-quality images and facilitating a collaborative environment, the tool allows you to benchmark your scores with those of senior embryologists and lab directors worldwide.

Start using ASRM EDGE to improve your grading skills and get the EDGE on your fellow embryologists!

What Does the ASRM Academy EDGE Offer?

The ASRM EDGE tool is set apart by its innovative web-based and interactive platform, which creates a dynamic and continuously evolving grading consensus. By scoring embryos and comparing your scores to experts, you may:

  • Increase your understanding of which embryos are considered to be morphologically normal and abnormal
  • Better determine which embryos are the best candidates for transfer, thereby increasing the chance of successful IVF treatment.
  • Increase your lab grading consistency, an important benchmark in lab proficiency assessment. 
Sangita Jindal on ASRM Today talking about the EDGE Tool

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Instructional Videos: How to Use the EDGE Tool

Need to know more about the criteria for grading embryos?

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Get the EDGE on your fellow Embryologists!

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ASRM MAC Tool 2021

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Get the EDGE on embryo identification! EDGE allows you to compare your grading of embryos against embryologists in the US and around the world.

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