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Dobbs versus Jackson decided at the US Supreme Court

ASRM Advocacy

The U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (597 U.S. __, 2022), overturned the nearly 50-year precedent set by Roe v. Wade (410 U.S. 113, 1973), which had recognized a constitutional right to abortion. The Dobbs decision has sparked a litany of changes in state laws across the nation, and more are expected.

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How You Can Take Action

ASRM Needs your help. Are you concerned about the implications inherent in the overturn of Roe v Wade? There's is something you can do now! Right Now!
Learn how you can help

State Legislation and Reproductive Medicine

The ASRM Center for Policy and Leadership (CPL) has released reports concerning States' Abortion Laws and their Potential Implications for Reproductive Medicine. Current as of the date of publication, the reports provide an overview of states’ abortion laws, together with analysis of potential implications for reproductive medicine, including IVF.
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Contact Your Congressional Representatives

Posting on social media is great but calling or meeting with your legislators is the most effective.

Know the status of legislation. Refer to a bill by number whenever possible. Remember that a legislator’s time is limited, as is the time of his or her staff. Write the chair or members of a committee holding hearings on legislation.

Find your legislators’ information

Educate Yourself

We've compiled Op-Eds, columns, podcasts, and webinars to keep you up-to-date on the issue of reproductive care post Roe v Wade's overturning.
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ASRM Today Podcast

ASRM has several episodes of the podcast ASRM Today devoted to the demise of Roe v Wade and its implications on reproductive medicine

Listen to the Episodes
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Legally Speaking

Susan J. Crockin, JD with guest authors Katie Gottschalk, Executive Director and Francesca Nardi, Junior Associate of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University Law Center provide a legal perspective.

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Roe v Wade and the Threat to Fertility Care

Article published in the Green Journal written by ASRM president, Dr. Marcelle Cedars, Dr. Eve Feinberg, and Dr. Jennifer Kawwass: Roe v Wade and the Threat to Fertility Care.

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OpEd in Contemporary OB/GYN

View the OpEd by ASRM Chief Executive Officer Jared Robins, M.D. and Chief Policy and Advocacy Officer, Sean Tipton: Not just abortion: How the demise of Roe v Wade may impact fertility care.

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Science Friday

Listen to Dr. Marcelle Cedars on the June 17th episode of Science Friday in the segment "What Could Happen To IVF In A Post-Roe V. Wade World"

Listen to the episode
ASRM Dobbs decision town hall

ASRM Townhall Webinar

This webinar is FREE and open to the public but you must have a free ASRM Account to view it in the ASRM Academy.

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Advocacy Tool Kit

Advocacy Toolkit

We have seen a significant increase in legislative activity on issues of  importance to our organizations in state legislatures across the country. The importance of your involvement in the lobbying process, especially at the local level, has never been greater. We welcome and rely on you as a partner in this critical component of the work that we do. You are your own best advocate.

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Donate to the Advocacy in Action Fund

ASRM has already dedicated a significant amount of money to a fund we are calling the Advocacy in Action Fund. But additional resources are needed to hire lobbyists in key states, pay for legal analysis of proposed bills and develop alternative language, place advertisements in states with ballot issues. Donate Now