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2023 Annual Report Teaser

Annual Report 2023

Welcome to the ASRM 2023 Annual Report! 

Scroll this page to view highlights from the report and video recaps from ASRM President Dr. Paula Amato, ASRM CEO Dr. Jared Robins, and ASRM Staff. To view the full report in our flipbook, please click the link below.

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A Look Back at 2023

Thank you for your interest in ASRM and our 2023 Annual Report! Click the image to view a welcome message from ASRM CEO Dr. Jared Robins, who highlights some of ASRM’s proudest moments from 2023.

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ASRM 2023 Scientific Congress & Expo

The ASRM 2023 Scientific Congress & Expo marked the return to pre-COVID levels of participation in the meeting. The Congress welcomed thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors who converged on New Orleans, Louisiana, to network, learn, and enjoy The Big Easy! 
ASRM 2023 Scietific Congress Snapshot - 4140 attendees, 928 PG course registration, 233 exhibitors, 544 posters accepted, 12 video abstracts accepted, 249 oral abstracts accepted, 12 plenaries/keynotes, 24 symposia, 73 roundtables, 9 clinical sessions, 19 interactive sessions

ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo: Recap with Callie Armstead

Callie Armstead, ASRM Educational Meetings Manager, gives statistics and highlights from the ASRM 2023 Scientific Congress & Expo, including the launch of the ASRM/SSR SPARK initiative and the reproductive medicine pipeline programs, KEEPR and Career Pathways.

Listen to a recap of the 2023 Scientific Congress & Expo with Callie Armstead

ASRM Academy

ASRM Academy continues to evolve, offering innovative resources and opportunities for professional growth. In 2023, ASRM released new guidance on practice, ethics, and coding and developed more targeted, specialized programming for a spectrum of reproductive health professionals. We expanded our engagement through the new KEEPR program at ASRM 2023, continued the Career Pathways program, and launched the ASRM/SSR SPARK Program to connect researchers. In addition, ASRM began developing new on-the-go tools, including the EDGE embryo grading tool and MedTalks videos.
2023 ASRM Academy Snapshot - 11 Practice documents published, 5 Ethics documents published, 28 courses added, 22 live webinars, 23 Coding Corner questions added, 52 new podcast episodes. Top 5 Webinars were International Webinar - Pregnancy and Fertility Preservation, Gamete and Embryo Donation, Legislation and IVF, Career Development - Embryologists, and Vasectomy Reversals. Top 5 ASRM Today Podcasts were PGT with Dr. Richard Paulson, Thyroid Disease with Dr. Erin Masaba, Industry Sponsored Episode - IVF Conversion Made Easy with AI/ML Platform for Patient Counseling with Dr. Mylene Yao of Unify, Social Work and Reproductive Medicine with Melanie Mikkelsen, and Chemicals, Environmental Exposures and Fertility with Dr. Carmen Messerlian

ASRM Academy: Recap with Sarah Ramaiah

ASRM Academy is the center of all educational programming for ASRM, offering a variety of learning activities using a multitude of educational modalities. Click the image to watch a video of Sarah Ramaiah, ASRM Curriculum Design Strategist, talking about the array of educational opportunities offered through ASRM Academy in 2023.

Learn more about ASRM Academy educational opportunities

ASRM Research Institute

The ASRM Research Institute is pleased to have awarded nearly $1,000,000 toward research in reproductive medicine in 2023. These projects could not have been funded without the help of our grant partners and the generosity of our donors. 
2023 ASRM Research Institute Snapshot - Total Grant Dollars Awarded in 2023 = $987053 from 1 Discovery and Innovation award totaling $748440 and 8 Pilot and Exploratory Awards totaling $238613. 9 Grant Recipients. 7 Grant Partners.

ASRM Research Institute: Recap with Tonya Carey

ASRM achieves the research pillar of its mission through the ASRM Research Institute, which focuses on areas that will have the most impact on the practice of reproductive medicine, particularly when other funding sources are inadequate. Click the image to hear ASRM Research Institute Administrator Tonya Carey give a brief update from 2023.

Learn more about the Research Institute with Tonya Carey


ASRM made strides in 2023, introducing a new membership category, Physician Doctoral, tailored for physician members. Notably, several special interest groups, including Social Media, In Vitro Maturation, and Artificial Intelligence, celebrated their inaugural year, and the forming Hispanic SIG held its inaugural members' meeting at the ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo in New Orleans.

The ARM & NPG 2023 conference saw record attendance, with over 240 participants. Meanwhile, the SRS Surgical Scholars Track recognized its first graduates and expanded to encompass ten programs nationwide. ASRM affiliated societies and professional groups expanded their online presence, some garnering significant followings on LinkedIn.
2023 ASRM Membership Snapshot - 7943 total members, 1289 new members 84% retention rate. Member categories - 23% doctoral/physician, 24% doctoral/non-physician, 39% allied health professional, 4% associates (in training), 9% life (emeritus), and 1% residency directors. Affiliated Societies - 5 Groups, 2128 total members, 1680 unique members. Professional Groups - 6 Groups, 2110 total members, 1836 unique members. Special Interest Groups - 26 Groups, 3328 total members, 1695 unique members.
membership international 570.png

In 2023, ASRM saw a nearly 2% increase in total membership, including almost 5% growth in our allied health professional category.

ASRM membership serves healthcare providers all over the world from more than 100 countries. Canada, Japan, India, Australia, and Mexico have significant member representation, with members from those nations comprising almost 10% of ASRM membership in 2023. In addition, almost 30% of the attendees of the ASRM 2023 Scientific Congress & Expo were from countries outside the US. 

Membership: Recap with Dani Mosley

Dani Mosley, ASRM Member Services Manager, gives a brief overview of membership happenings from 2023, including the launch of the new Physician-Doctoral membership category, the ARM & NPG Joint Meeting, the SRS Surgical Scholars Track, and updates on ASRM member groups.

Learn about ASRM membership in 2023 with Dani Mosley

Advocacy and Policy

In 2023, ASRM celebrated significant advancements in fertility preservation legislation, with mandates becoming law in Texas, Montana, and Kentucky. In Washington, DC, ASRM's advocacy efforts supported forthcoming IVF and fertility preservation insurance mandates for large group insurance markets, anticipated to be enacted in 2025. ASRM also played a pivotal role in supporting Ohio's ballot measure affirming reproductive rights, engaging in various advocacy efforts such as hosting podcasts, airing radio ads, and mobilizing members to send postcards to voters. In addition, ASRM's consistent advocacy led to expanded fertility coverage benefits for Federal Employee Health Benefits program enrollees in 2024. 
2023 ASRM Advocacy Snapshot - Actions from ASRM's Government Affairs Team: 4 amicus brief sign-ons, 35 sign-on letters, 51 letters sent to state houses. Membership messaging: sent 34 action alerts to ASRM members resulted in 5887 emails sent to policymakers on behalf of ASRM members. Advocacy Day 2023 partnered with RESOLVE had 460 participants and 49 states represented.

Government Affairs: recap with jessie losch

The ASRM Office of Public Affairs had a busy and productive 2023. Click the image to watch a video of ASRM Government Affairs Manager Jessie Losch giving a recap of advocacy activities for last year.

Learn more about our advocacy activities

Center for Policy and Leadership: recap with becca o'connor

Click the image to watch a short video of CPL Director Becca O’Connor speaking about the progress made by the CPL in 2023, including a series of reports analyzing the implications of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on reproductive healthcare, CPL contributions to external events, and the launch of the PRIMED Scholars advocacy training program, which will offer in-depth courses on policymaking, persuasive communication, and grassroots engagement to its inaugural cohort in early 2024.

Watch Becca O'Connor give an update from the CPL

f&s family of journals

2023 Fertility and Sterility Snapshot - 2660 total submissions, 73% submissions from outside of the US, 719 reviewers, and 2332 completed reviews. Top 5 articles across all journals - 1) Association between self-reported mobile phone use and the semen quality of young men, 2) Recommendations from the 2023 International Evidence-based Guideline for the Assessment and Management of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, 3) A "first" on the horizon: the expansion of uterus transplantation to transgender women, 4) Recurrent implantation failure: reality or a statistical mirage? Consensus statement from the July 1, 2022 Lugano Workshop on recurrent implantation failure, 5) The association between dietary patterns and risk of miscarriage: a systemic review and meta-analysis. Readership Stats - 7807906 Fertility and Sterility, 221857 F&S Reports, 22085 F&S Science, and 36318 F&S Reviews.

Fertility and Sterility Family of Journals: recap with Dr. kurt barnhart

In 2023, Fertility and Sterility maintained their strong Impact Factor, ranking 6th in Obstetrics and Gynecology and 3rd in Reproductive Biology. The Fertility and Sterility On Air Podcast released 29 episodes, reaching listeners in 129 countries. Journal Club Global hosted 12 events worldwide, with over 800 online participants. Additionally, three special issues covered vital topics, featuring contributions from leading experts. Combined downloads for Fertility and Sterility, F&S Reports, F&S Science, and F&S Reviews totaled more than 8 million in 2023. 

The Fertility and Sterility Family of Journals continues to make an impact globally through its multi-media endeavors, including the four journals, the Fertility and Sterility On Air podcast, Journal Club Global, and specially-released issues. Click the image to listen to Fertility and Sterility Editor-in-Chief Dr. Kurt Barnhart talk about the journal highlights for 2023.

Learn more about our family of journals

Industry Development

To help further our mission and vision, ASRM is committed to engaging and collaborating with industry and corporate partners, both around the ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo and throughout the year with expanded engagement opportunities.

Support highlights from 2023 include increased industry support via grants, sponsorships, and in-kind donations; continued expansion of industry support for research awards; a $5 million endowment from Ferring Pharmaceuticals for in-training healthcare professionals’ educational programs; growth of the ASRM Corporate Member Council (CMC); and more than $3 million in ASRM 2023 exhibits and support revenue. 
2023 ASRM Support Snapshot - $3159450 from exhibit and support revenue, 233 total exhibitors, 43 first-time exhibitors, 97 exhibitors with new products/services. 237 exhibitors in 2019 provided $2.65M in revenue, 152 exhibitors in 2021 provided $1.4M in revenue, 213 exhibitors in 2022 provided $2.95M in revenue, and 233 exhibitors in 2023 provided $3.16M in revenue. Diamond Level ASRM 2023 Premier Supporters - Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc., EMD Serono, and Organon LLC. Platinum Level ASRM 2023 Premier Supporters - CooperSurgical. Gold Level ASRM 2023 Premier Supporters - REPROLIFE/Cryotech Japan, Vitrolife Inc., and Inception Fertility LLC. Silver Level ASRM 2023 Premier Supporters - Astellas Pharma US Inc., Hamilton Thorne Inc.. Kitazato Corporation, North Star Fertility Partners LLC, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and ZyMōt Fertility Inc.

Fund development

Several notable funds were established within ASRM in 2023 to support excellence and advancement in reproductive medicine, including the Carlos Simón, MD, PhD Fund for Excellence in Translational Research Award, the Samuel C. Pang, MD, Leadership in LGBTQ+ Education & Research Fund, the Joseph Sanfilippo, MD, MBA, In Training-Surgical Research Fund, and the William D. Schlaff, MD, Mentorship and Career Development Symposium Fund. In addition, 2023 was a very successful year for the ASRM President’s Gala, with almost $600,000 in total revenue. You can view a full list of 2023 donors on pages 13-15 of the ASRM Annual Report.
2023 ASRM Fundraising Snapshot - $1939208 total donations, 1724 total donors, and 237 new donors. 2023 President's Gala - 743 attendees, $592000 total revenue, and 223 Research Institute donors.

Fund Development: recap with holly jaap hilton

Thank you to all the donors who supported the work on ASRM in 2023! Click the image to watch ASRM’s Director of Charitable Giving, Holly Jaap Hilton, highlight educational initiatives funded by donors in 2023 and recap the money raised by the 2023 President’s Gala.

Learn about ASRM Fundraising with Holly Jaap Hilton


ASRM has a diverse stream of revenue, which includes membership dues, the Scientific Congress & Expo, donations and other support, publications revenue, and education fees.
2023 ASRM Financial Snapshot. FY 2023 Revenues and Support - $6212000 Scientific Congress (51%), $2210000 Journals (18%), $1584000 Research/Support/Other (13%), $1167000 Membership (10%), and $933000 Publications/Education (8%). FY 2023 Expenses - $4595000 General and Administrative/Committees/Ancillary - overhead only allocated to Scientific Congress: remaining is in G&A for all staff (34%), $4576000 Scientific Congress (34%), $1481000 Public Affairs/Advocacy (11%), $1072000 Grants Awarded (8%), $793000 Journals (6%), $925000 Publications/Education (7%), and $14000 Membership - no overhead.

A Look Ahead to 2024

2023 is a wrap! Wondering what is in store for ASRM? Listen to this clip of 2023-2024 ASRM President Dr. Paula Amato on a recent Fertility & Sterility On Air Podcast episode talking with Dr. Molly Kornfield about her goals and vision for the upcoming year. Dr. Amato highlights equity, access, and innovation as key themes and also underscores the significance of education and research in reproductive medicine, with a focus on increasing global collaboration and attention to broader reproductive health issues beyond infertility. Finally, she previews upcoming initiatives, including a report from the Donor-Conceived People Task Force and the revision of ASRM's strategic plan.

Take a look ahead with Dr. Paula Amato