Current Trends: Micro-videos

A new way to learn on the go! Check out ASRM’s micro-video library of short videos with practical take-home points on a variety of timely topics. Ready to view on any device any time you have a few minutes in your busy schedule.

2019 Trending Micro-videos

Titles include:

  • Creating a Comprehensive Fertility Preservation Program
  • The Diagnosis of Male Infertility: From the Bench to the Bedside
  • Dietary Supplements & Fertility: Emerging Evidence and Clinical Guidance
  • The Skinny on Obesity: Logistics and Special Considerations for IVF in the Obese Patient
  • Testicular Sperm versus Ejaculated Sperm - When and Why
  • The Trauma of Infertility and Pregnancy Loss: Helping Our Patients Heal
  • An Update on Randomized Control Trials Using PGT-A

2018 Trending Micro-videos

Titles include:

  • Fertility Preservation for Children, Adolescents, Transgender Youth, and Young Adults
  • How To Be An Effective Moderator
  • Management of Cesarean Scar Defects
  • Reproductive Effects of Long-Term T Therapy in Transgender Men
  • Use of the New Anti-diabetes Medications in the Treatment of Women with PCOS
  • Using PGT-A to Enhance Selection for ESET
  • What's New for Uterine Fibroids

2017 Trending Micro-videos

Titles include:

  • Challenges in Using Antimullerian Hormone (AMH) as a Diagnostic Tool
  • Composition of Culture Media and Potential Effects on Offspring
  • Diagnosis and Management of Intrauterine Septum: New Concepts
  • Emerging Therapeutic Tools in Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • HIPAA:Tips for the New Requirements and Audits
  • Just Relax and It Will Happen: A Debate on the Relationship between Stress and Infertility
  • Nonmedical Pain Interventions for Endometriosis
  • Testosterone Supplementation: An Update

2016 Trending Micro-videos

Titles include: 

  • Appropriate Use of the -25 Modifier in Reproductive Endocrine/Infertility Practice
  • Decreasing the Emotional Burden of Care
  • How to Appeal Denied Claims by Third Party Payers
  • Human Endometrial Receptivity: Clinical Diagnostic Test in Use and in Progress
  • Interrupters: An Educational Strategy
  • Letrozole as First Line Infertility Treatement in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Predicting Mosaicism from a Trophectoderm Biopsy with Next-generation Sequencing Technology
  • Surgical Management of Endometrioma: When is it Worth the Risk?
  • Time-Lapse Embryo Imaging: Does the Use of Morphokinetics Improve Embryo Implantation?
  • Understanding the SART Clinic Report

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