SMRU/SSMR Male Infertility Lecture Educational Series (SMILES)

Fertility Preservation and Family Building for Male Cancer Survivors

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer have important implications for a man's fertility potential and quality of life. This webinar will serve as a comprehensive review of established and emerging strategies for fertility preservation in male cancer patients, with a focus on multi-disciplinary efforts to counsel and care for patients with respect to reproductive health and family building. Presented in Collaboration with SMILES III (SSMR and SMRU).

SMILES WEBINAR: New AUA-ASRM Male Infertility Guidelines

New concepts in male infertility evaluation and treatment have resulted in an updated AUA-ASRM guideline for male infertility. This webinar will overview new concepts, especially for counseling men with infertility regarding their future health conditions, refinement of the evaluation of infertile men, and the use of medications for idiopathic treatment, as well as intervention in association with sperm retrieval procedures. The consequences of cancer treatment on male fertility also will be reviewed.

SMILES WEBINAR: Diversity in Male Reproductive Medicine

This webinar will explore diversity in male reproductive medicine. Speakers include Dr. Lamisha Hill, UCSF Director of Multicultural Affairs, addressing allyship in reproductive medicine, and Dr. Tolulope Bakare, Assistant Professor of Urology at UTSW, addressing building a multicultural practice in male reproduction. The session will be moderated by Dr. Mary Samplaski, Assistant Professor of Urology at Keck School of Medicine at USC.

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