ASRM Launches Multi-State Ad Campaign for November Election

The following bulletin was sent to ASRM membership:

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has launched a multi-state digital and radio ad campaign in states with reproductive health care decisions on the November ballot, including Michigan, Kentucky, Montana, California, and Vermont.

On Tuesday, November 8th, voters in these five states will be asked to make it clear to politicians that decisions regarding reproductive health should remain between a patient, their families, and their doctor.

In Michigan, we are asking voters to vote YES on Prop 3. This amendment would make sure that doctors do not go to prison for providing safe medical care and ensures anyone who needs it will have access to a broad range of reproductive healthcare services.

In Kentucky, we are asking voters to vote No on Amendment 2. If passed, the amendment would block the right to abortions, no matter the reason, including rape, incest, and life of the mother.

In Montana, we are asking voters to vote No on LR-131 – the deceptively-named Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Existing state and federal laws already require doctors and nurses to administer all appropriate medical care. This extreme measure threatens doctors and nurses with 20 years in prison for offering compassionate care to families dealing with pregnancy complications including lethal fetal abnormalities.

In California, we are asking voters to vote YES on Prop 1 to firmly preserve Californians’ reproductive rights. A yes vote would make existing protections for reproductive healthcare a California constitutional right.

In Vermont, we are asking voters to vote YES on Article 22 - the Reproductive Liberty Amendment to continue to protect Vermonters’ reproductive rights that have existed in Vermont for half a century. A YES vote ensures the rights we have today won’t change tomorrow.

“ASRM will continue to be on the frontlines of this fight for reproductive rights and access to reproductive healthcare. On November 8th, go out and vote and send a message to legislators that no decision regarding a person’s healthcare should ever be made by any politician and should continue to remain between a patient and their doctor.” – Michael Thomas, MD, ASRM President

“Just like we did in the special election in Kansas, we will continue to invest in the fight to protect the rights of our members to provide the full scope of reproductive healthcare their patients need. We urge our members to make their voices heard during this election to protect these constitutional rights.” – ASRM Director of Communications and Media Relations

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