ASRM Finds Success During Midterm Election for Reproductive Rights

ASRM Finds Success for Reproductive Rights in Six State Elections

(Washington, DC) – Demonstrating the power of advocacy through advertising, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) ran advertisements in the six states where reproductive rights were on the 2022 midterm ballots and contributed to the successful efforts in all six. These advertisements were supported by the ASRM’s newly created Reproductive Care Protection Fund.

On Tuesday, there were five states where voters were asked about reproductive rights: California, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, and Vermont. ASRM placed radio and social media ads in all five states, and voters in all five states voted to protect reproductive rights. Voters in Kentucky and Montana rejected constitutional amendments that would strip away reproductive rights and voters in Michigan, Vermont, and California all voted to codify them into their state constitutions. This follows on the heels of a successful advertisement campaign, in August, to protect reproductive rights in Kansas.

“When asked directly, American voters have made it very clear they reject extremist measures which endanger access to needed reproductive health care. Legislators need to heed this call to reign in the most extreme elements of the forced birth community and allow physicians to provide their patients with the health care they need without political interference. You can bet the members, leaders, and staff of the ASRM will be there to remind them of this at every opportunity as we head into the 2023 legislative sessions,” said Sean Tipton, Chief Advocacy and Policy office for ASRM.

To support the Reproductive Care Protection Fund and ASRM’s advocacy efforts please use this link: Support RCPF.

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