New Black History Month Webinar Recorded Bundle

Focusing on Racial Inequities and Access to Care

Black History Month is a commemoration in February that highlights the history and achievements of Black Americans. It is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment of trailblazers that have come before us and to uplift the work of future leaders, but it is also a time to shed light on inequities. For so long, Black people have been underrepresented and unrepresented. ASRM continues to create educational opportunities for eliminating disparities and focusing efforts on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We invite you to view these five webinars that focus on topics related to racism, disparities in care, and increasing access to care. This free bundle is available for purchase in the ASRM Store.

  • How Structural Racism in America Informs Fertility Disparities for Black Couples
  • We Can Do Better: Access to Infertility Care for Underserved Men
  • It All Begins In The Tube!
  • See One, Do One, Teach One: Reimagining REI Training Programs to Expand Access to Care
  • Enhancing Opportunities to Increase and Support the Inclusion of Underrepresented Minority Populations
  • *Racial Disparities in Endometriosis Treatment: How do we close the gap?

*will be available after release in April 2023

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Further information on past and upcoming webinars can be found on our ASRM Webinar website.

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