as of March 2023

Proposals restricting access to reproductive care

In Florida, on the first day of its legislative session in March 2023, Republicans introduced companion bills in the House and Senate to further restrict access to abortion (Florida HB 7 and SB 300, the “Pregnancy and Parenting Support” Acts.). The proposals would amend the state’s current 15-week abortion ban law to make it a six-week ban. The state’s Republican governor has indicated he will sign such measures if they reach his desk.

Taxes, religious freedom, and additional out-of-the-box proposals

Abortion choice proponents in Florida have challenged the states’ laws on grounds that they violate individuals’ religious freedom. Anti-abortion advocates, in response, also hold up religious freedom as a plausible defense to being required to perform or otherwise facilitate the procedure. The rulings in these cases, all of which remain outstanding at time of publication, will set important precedent. 

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