ASRM Response to the Dobbs v Jackson Ruling

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The ASRM Center for Policy and Leadership (CPL) has released reports concerning States' Abortion Laws: Potential Implications for Reproductive Medicine. Current as of the date of publication, the reports provide an overview of states’ abortion laws, together with analysis of potential implications for reproductive medicine, including IVF. Click here to read the HTML version of the state law analyses.

Click the covers below to view the PDF reports or read the latest updates.


September 13, 2022: ASRM Responds to Lindsey Graham's Proposed Abortion Ban. "Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) proposed abortion ban is willfully deceptive and an irresponsible dissemination of misinformation." Read the full statement.

August 3, 2022:
ASRM applauds the voters of Kansas and celebrates the resounding win for reproductive rights upon the rejection of a constitutional amendment which would have removed the right to reproductive freedom from the state’s constitution. Read the full statement 

June 24, 2022: The words, “Roe is overturned,” while expected, is nevertheless jarring. This decision removes an essential civil liberty that Americans have relied upon for nearly 50 years, one that is well-grounded in the history and best traditions of our country. Read the full statement 

May 3, 2022: Health care decisions, particularly on reproductive matters, need to be the purview of patients and their physicians, not politicians. Read the full statement

Legally Speaking

Susan J. Crockin, JD with guest authors Katie Gottschalk, Executive Director and Francesca Nardi, Junior Associate of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University Law Center provide a legal perspective in The Supreme Court Overturns Right to Abortion, Raising Questions and Uncertainties for ART Patients and Providers: An explanation of the Dobbs decision, and its potential impact

Roe v Wade and the Threat to Fertility Care

Article published in the Green Journal written by ASRM president, Dr. Marcelle Cedars, Dr. Eve Feinberg, and Dr. Jennifer Kawwass: Roe v Wade and the Threat to Fertility Care

OpEd in Contemporary OB/GYN

View the OpEd by ASRM Chief Executive Officer Jared Robins, M.D. and Chief Policy and Advocacy Officer, Sean Tipton: Not just abortion: How the demise of Roe v Wade may impact fertility care

Listen to Dr. Marcelle Cedars on the June 17th episode of Science Friday in the segment "What Could Happen To IVF In A Post-Roe V. Wade World"

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ASRM has created a series of infographics you can use concerning the Dobbs Decision. Click for more information:


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