How to Update Your Group Website

Affiliates, Professional Groups, and Special Interest Groups all have access to ASRM resources to create or make changes to your community websites.

For basic website content changes like the posting of an article, a blog, drop-down menu changes, contact your group's ASRM Member Group Administrator.

For more complex requests, like site reorganization or add-on functionality that does not currently exist on your site, complete the following steps:

  • Decide what changes you want made and what purpose they will serve, as well as how this change will benefit your group.
  • Write out specifically what you would like changed, and provide a desired due date. 
  • Fill out the official ASRM Technology Proposal Form. 
          Click to download.
  • Return this form to your ASRM Member Group Administrator.
  • ASRM management will review your proposal.  The final decision will be communicated to your group administrator with approval or rejection of the project, cost considerations, and estimated time of project completion, if it is approved.

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