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2020-25 Strategic Plan: Goals and Strategies

Membership Recruitment and Engagement:


Every individual with interest in the field of reproductive health, science, and policy, both domestic and international, will find sufficient value and be an engaged member of ASRM.


  1. Recruit, engage, and mentor early career professionals reflecting the diversity of the field and population, utilizing innovative technology, social media, and contemporary communication resources.
  2. Review, research, and update current membership benefits and membership structure to identify improvements in the value to, and engagement of, all current and potential members.
  3. Explore the availability of technology to develop and implement a robust membership portal offering a single point of contact to all of ASRM’s diverse content, including continuing education, networking, and other valued resources. 



ASRM will be recognized as the premier and trusted source for evidence-based unbiased information for patients regarding reproductive health and family building.


  1. Provide information and educational resources regarding inclusive reproductive care and diverse family-building options.
  2. Include patients in the development of ASRM patient-facing and physician-facing educational materials.
  3. Innovate and improve the delivery of patient education content.



ASRM will effectively use the expertise and power of its members to leverage science, educate the public, and advocate for national and international policies that advance the science and clinical practice, and expand access to reproductive care by addressing social, cultural, demographic, and economic barriers.


  1. Establish a Center for Policy and Leadership.
  2. Engage with other medical and scientific organizations, payors, employers, and policymakers in advocating for equitable, inclusive, and affordable access to reproductive health and reproductive care.
  3. Increase federal and state lobbying regarding reproductive health and reproductive care critical to the diverse populations of patients and the providers who deliver their care.



ASRM and its Research Institute will invest in the promotion, support, and mentorship of a diverse group of researchers focused on the public health, clinical, translational, and basic reproductive sciences.


  1. Increase the ASRM Research Institute endowment, engaging the ASRM membership, the reproductive science community, and external donors, while communicating current and ongoing research findings and the impact of these investments.
  2. Provide mentorship and support for junior investigators to foster successful careers in reproductive science research.
  3. Facilitate collaboration and networking of ASRM Research institute-funded and externally funded researchers in the field of reproductive sciences. 

Organizational Sustainability:


ASRM will have the leadership, infrastructure, resources, and expertise to lead the field of reproductive science and medicine by supporting the changing needs of its members and their patients.


  1. Identify new and diverse revenue streams, optimizing fund-raising and the utilization of internal and external resources, strengthening the financial position of ASRM.
  2. Invest in new technologies, platforms, and infrastructure that will allow for more effective internal and external workflows, new technology-enhanced products, and strengthened communications between ASRM staff and members.

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Mission, Vision and Values

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) is dedicated to the advancement of the science and practice of reproductive medicine.

Strategic Plan & Initiatives

ASRM has established several strategic goals and initiatives to advance the science and practice of reproductive medicine through education, research, advocacy, and public awareness.

Board of Directors

The ASRM Board of Directors is committed to advancing the reproductive medicine field and providing patients with high-quality care. The Board works tirelessly to ensure that the organization is meeting the needs of its members and the public.

History of ASRM

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) is the leading organization worldwide dedicated to the advancement of the science and practice of reproductive medicine.


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